Media and Communication, Crucial to National Development.

I am not a Communication major student nor am I studying media but as time progresses, as situations worsen, people have forgotten the power of media and communication.

Just like in a relationship, wrong use of pronoun would end the love. Wrong tone would spark a breakup. In issues that are socially-relevant, misleading headlines would create division, would start a mob, would end a life.

It is inevitable that people, specially the media, be biased on a situation. It all boils down to who they are biased to.

So for who does the media should really be biased to? Should they be biased to the network they are representing? To Lucio Tan? To Henry Sy? Or to the Philippine Government? None of them should be who the media is representing. So who is it?

It’s not an “is” but an “are” The media should be biased to the masses, to the people. Why? Because the masses are the largest stakeholders of the nation. The media should publicize the struggles, cries, and needs of the people, of the farmers, of the workers, of the women, of the youth, of the marginalized sector, of the oppressed.

Mainstream media such as ABS-CBN, GMA Network, and TV5 are those that are biased to the wrong party. People would ask why. Simply because they are sponsored and backed up not just by the private corporations but also by the government itself.

Why do they have to protect those parties?

Let’s make things simple. When there is a fire or a bomb threat, students are asked to calm down amidst the catastrophe because if not, it would cause a ruckus.

If they publicize the wrong-doings, the human rights violations of Lucio Tan, of Henry Sy, of the Ayalas, and specially of the Government, it would start a riot, a mob, a rebellion, an EDSA III. All the scams of these people would be exposed therefore creating a nationwide protest that calls for transparency.

Just like in Mindanao, local media men exposed the militarization of schools and the wrong-doings of AFP to the indigenous people through radio broadcasting under GMA and the speakers were warned by Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas to never speak of that again in public because it would expose to the nation what was really happening there. They don’t want the people to know about what was really happening in Mindanao.

In rallies, the media would always demonize the protesters but haven’t you asked yourself, “Bakit ang mga nagrarally lagi ay mga magsasaka, manggagawa, at mga estudyante?”

To give you an idea, 79% of the Philippine population is composed ofmagsasaka. They are the ones who rally the most because they are the ones greatly and directly affected by the decisions of the administration, simply because we are an agricultural country.

Now if you think that sitting there, bashing them, calling them “tamad”, would make you a better person than them, then you’re wrong. It just made you more stupid because it clearly manifests how little you know about society and what is happening around it.

You see now how crucial communication and media are in national development?

We reject the things that are alien to us whether it’s substantial or not. This nation will never progress if we can’t even accept our national identity. Acceptance of national identity is not limited to supporting your local products and using your mother tongue. Acceptance of national identity is when you accept the ways of your culture. It is accepting that we should be geared towards a progressive agricultural country.

This nation will never be developed nor will it sustain development if our concept of a developed country is that of the Western Theory of Development where sky-high buildings are erected, where each street, each corner will have a Starbucks, McDonald’s. Where we think of a developed country is likened to USA or England. Where multinational and transnational companies are everywhere which way you look.

No. You have to accept that each country has its own concept of development according to its topography, culture, and geography. Applying Western Theory of Development in the Philippines is like trying to start a Tropical Resort in South Pole.

The Philippines is an agricultural country. The programs and laws implemented should be for the development of the agricultural sector and not for the improvement of Neoliberal Policies.

Private-Public Partnership. It’s one of the programs boasted by PNoy. Basic services such as education and health are commercialized and privatized due to PPP. Instead of the masses having access to basic services, they are left to stay in their homes because hospitals and schools are being privatized and commercialized.

So what does commercialization and privatization actually do? Think of a candy as education. You have the candy on your hands because it’s yours but another person [government] puts a price on it before you eat the candy. That’s commercialization.

Privatization on the other hand is when you have the candy on your hand, the person [government] takes it from you then sells it to another entity [private corporations] then the entity will sell you the candy so you can eat it. That’s privatization.

PPP is just one of many neoliberal policies endorsed by PNoy. Now you know the implications of improvement of Neoliberal Policies, it robs us from our rights and the government is the one perpetuating it.

Not until the government focuses on the issues and needs of our farmers, of our agricultural sector, this country will never progress and what it will only do is to keep the gap of the rich and the poor greater. Not until the government stops attending to the needs of foreign entities, of capitalists, of imperialists, this country will forever be impoverished.


Oo, naririnig ko sa mga bibig niyo na naniniwala kayong education is a right pero dahil sa Iskolar ng Bayan Law, nagagalit kayo kasi admitted na agad ang Top 10 mula sa public high school? Tanga! Anong klaseng UP student ka at napakaelitista mo? E ano kung admitted agad sila? Kung hindi nila kayanin edi hindi pero hindi mo dapat hinahadlangan ang karapatan nilang makapag-aral. Hindi tayo private school.

Nagagalit kayo kasi “E nag-UPCAT ako tapos sila makakapasok lang nang ganon-ganon?” E ano? Para mo na ring sinabing isang pribilehiyo ang makapag-aral sa isang State University. Buksan mo nga yang isip mo.

Nakakalimutan mo na ba kung ANO TALAGA ang ibig sabihin ng pagiging isang Iskolar ng Bayan? Imbis na maghimutok a jan, pagsilbihan mo na lang ang sambayanan.

Try mong makipamuhay sa mga magsasaka o manggagawa ng mga tatlo o higit pang araw. Subukan mong danasin ang kanilang paghihirap, ang mga karapatan, mga benepisyo na ipinagkakait sa kanila. Subukan mong mabuhay na siyam na piso lamang ang kitain sa isang buwan. Subukan mo, nang makita mo kung bakit ang mga estudyante, ang mga mamamayan, ang mga indigenous people, ay nasa kalye, nag-iingay, nagsasagawa ng rally. Subukan mo!

Hindi kami nagsasagawa ng ingay dahil lang sa trip namin. Hindi kami makasariling mamamayan kung kaya sinasamahan namin sila upang ipagtanggol ang karapatan nila. Ang aming kaalaman at kakayahan ay hindi namin kinukulong sa apat na sulok ng isang kwarto ng paaralan. Bagkus ay umaabot to hanggang saan man sinagan ng araw.


Good day, everyone!

I heard that US legalized same-sex marriage. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about that because it’s like all over the news.

I’m here to talk about ME. Lol. Yea, me. Because I’m always such a self-centered asshole.

I’m here to drop off hints on who I really am and for today’s hint: I’M AN ACTIVIST. Yep, you read it right. I’m an activist. The ones you see during rallies. The ones you dubbed as “anti-government”. Yep, I’m one of them.

You know how I became an activist? It all started way back when I was still a perfectionist child. Oh wait. I still am. Anyway, because I am a perfectionist, I always wanted things to be fought fairly. I always wanted a fair competition until I became obsessed with the concept of fair or just or equal.

As I grew up, we were taught about the Martial Law Period and how it was glorious and shit. The facts teachers used to present us were selective facts. how it was glorious, and how the Philippines was on top of everybody else in Asia, and the GDP, and you know what? They didn’t mention about the injustice, the cronies who were the ones who really benefited from the so-called GDP raise. they didn’t mention all the human-related violence that were recorded. Anyway, this isn’t about him. This post is about ME.

Yup, I hated injustice and not being fair. When I reached high school, I was already at the point where I was getting involved in socially-relevant issues. I would rant about it but that was the only way I got revolutionary, thru educating others.

When I reached college, wow, everything was like a dream, people who would really fight for what is right! I found where I really belong.

I’m here to debunk a myth: Activists are anti-government.

WRONG. We are not anti-government. We are PRO-PEOPLE.  We fight along those who are victims of the injustice of our government, those whose rights are being trampled, we fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, we fight along indigenous people, we fight for those who belong to the LGBT Community, we fight for what is right, we fight for the people and lastly, we fight for our rights!

Not all activists are members of the AFP or NPA. We are just like you, normal people, only more animated. Remember Raoul Manuel, the first Summa Cum Laude of UP Visayas? He’s an activist. See? Not all activists are always receiving a grade of singko or 5.

People, I am an activist. I am an activist because it is too much. The government – our government – it’s just that, it’s too crooked to function.

You know there’s a saying I believe in tho I forgot the one who said it

“When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes a duty”

Let me guys tell you the story of how I found Him.

I was baptized as a Roman Catholic. I remember during my prime years, my Grandmother used to take me with her every time she goes to church. Of course, I was a child, I wasn’t that interested at the sermons of the priest I mean, as a child, I have had enough. Hahaha. Kidding aside, I never developed the habit of listening to the priest. After 30 minutes since we stepped on the shining marbled floor of the church, I would eventually fall asleep and only wake up when it’s over and Grandma is telling me that I’m heavy enough for her to carry home.

Third Grade came and we usually have Religion Class. Until the Sixth Grade, we had it. I was very attentive during those hours because for me, it’s the only subject we won’t be graded. All I need to do is keep my mouth shut and pretend was listening. Sometimes, I even sleep. Well, even though we had Religion Class, I never went to church during Sundays. I don’t know why but my parents don’t go either so I thought it was normal.

Fourth Grade came and I skipped the First Holy Communion. I don’t why but I claimed that I was a Born Again just to skip it. Plus, I didn’t know it was a big deal in the Roman Catholic World.

During my high school years, I was that typical student who already questions the existence of God. I mean seriously, I went through that phase. I became somewhat agnostic and atheist but more on agnostic. It was quite contradicting between Science and Religion. I mean, seriously, it would fuck your mind up.

Anyhow, those were the days. And college year came! Darn I did something so reckless. Trust me. But my friends told me I was just over-thinking things but anyway, I had something regarding my health due to the reckless thing I did. I could say it was one of my darkest moments. I haven’t slept peacefully for two weeks straight! I was losing hope and I asked Him. I prayed to Him. Then He gave me the answers. He was right there, guiding me all the way.

That was the day I found him again. I could never forget that.

Just Sharing

Pumanta kami sa isang community sa Bangkong Kahoy Valley, Quezon. Sa pagitan ito ng Bundok Banahaw at San Cristobal. Dito, namulat ako sa kung ano ba talaga ang rason kung bakit kinakalbo ng mga naninirahan sa bundok ang kabundukan. Alam niyo ang rason? Hindi dahil sa wala silang matitirhan sa ibaba kundi dahil ito ang pinagkukunan nila ng panggastos araw-araw.

Isa itong manipestasyon na hindi Tree Planting Activities ang solusyon dahil isa lamang itong band-aid solution. Para tuluyang mawakasan etong pangangalbo ng bundok ay dapat magprovide ng isang sustainable na trabaho sa mga mamamayan sapagkat ito ang nakikitang ugat ng problema.

Isa pa ay kung may Tree Planting Activity man, walang kwenta rin ito kung iisang species lang ang itatanim. Dapat diverse.